OKB-120H Fiber Optical Inspect & Clean Tool

Product Description

OKB-120H optical fiber toolbox is a functional tool that includes both the fiber microscope and fiber cleaner for the whole inspection and maintenance work. It can quickly test and clean the exposed end face of the target network point in 10 seconds and removes 95% soft contaminants. The tool offers an effective solution for troubleshooting.

OKB-120H toolbox is made of high-quality engineering plastics with strong and scientific structure. It is light, drop-resistant, compression-resistant, earthquake-resistant, and waterproof for all inspection.

Product Highlights

  • * Consistent alignment in the probe, simple to operate. 
  • * The adjustable button of inside light source control for the clearer image.
  • * Single-way focus control, easy access.
  • * 400×, <1 µm resolution for a clear image.
  • * 3.5-inch display on the scope can be hung on the engine room easily for operation.
  • * Dry clean to remove dust, dirt, stubborn strain.
  • * 1500-2500 clean times for one set cleaner.
  • * Flexible rotation for narrow space clean.
  • * 3~5s quick clean,98% consistency and 99% clean.
  • * Whole fiber core and surrounding ceramic area clean.
  • * Both 2.5mm and 1.25mm UPC/APC patch cord, bulkhead, transceivers, etc can be cleaned.
  • * 40+ tips are available for different types of connectors inspection.

Product Configuration

Type Item Qty
FVO-730A-H Probe FVO-730A optical fiber end face probe 1pcs
3.5-inch display 1pcs
FC-PC-M/F, SC-PC-M/F, LC-PC-M/F both male and female two-in-one test tip 1pcs/each type
Built-in lithium battery 1pcs
Electric EDV-838 cleaner EDV-838 Cleaner body 1pcs
EDV-F15 Clean consumables 25pcs
EDV-F25 Clean consumables 25pcs
1.25-M/F adapter 1pcs
2.5-M/F adapter 1pcs


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