ETN-3000C Auto Focus/Analysis Fiber Optical Microscope

Product Description
ETN-3000C fiber optical microscope is a series of autofocus and auto analysis end face bench microscopes. It has two types of model, ETN-3000C-MM, ETN-3000C-MF to test in two major fields of patch cord/ferrule, transceivers fiber end face kits.
ETN-3000C fiber optical microscope has a built-in Windows industrial host, which greatly reduces the difficulty for users to get started. The user only needs to insert the fiber connector, and the EFD software in the scope can automatically analyze the end face according to the preset criteria and generate the report for pass/fail, providing a standardized solution for the inspection of the optical fiber end face. This system supports the latest AF standard required by IEC, also four standard international criteria like IEC-61300-3-35 / IPC-8397-1. Standards can also be defined manually by need. The whole process of focus and auto analysis just takes 2-4 seconds, it’s best suitable for fiber patch cord/transceivers, etc. fiber kits manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors for batch production test.
Product Highlights 

  • * Integrated all-in-one microscope for easy view and quick operation.
  • * Autofocus and analysis in 2-4 seconds.
  • * 400× magnification, 0.5μm high definition.
  • * Positive/Negative image display to observe scratches with ease.
  • * Inner light adjustable for clearer fiber core view.
  • * AC/DC power supply for both indoors and outdoors work.
  • * Lightweight for easy carry-on anywhere anytime.
  • * Backend warehouse for accessories storage.
  • * CE/CEM/RoHS Certified.

 Product Specifications

No. Item Model
ETN-3000C-MM ETN-3000C-MF
200X 400X 200X
1 Inspection Function Regular single male fiber core, like patch cord, ferrule, jumpers. Regular single male and female fiber core, like transceivers, bulkhead, in-adapter, patch cord, ferrule, jumpers.
2 Definition 0.75μm 0.5μm 0.75μm
3 Fiber Core Diameter 40mm 75~80mm 40mm
4 Field of View Single core:Maximum Φ2mm
5 Adjust way Manual / Autofocus
6 X/Y axis adjustment Support
7 Display 8.0” TFT HD (15.3cm×11.2cm)
8 Power supply DC 12V 0.8A
11 Antistatic function Support
12 Work Temperature/Storage Temperature -10℃~60℃(14℉~140℉) / -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉)
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